What is ring spun & combed cotton?

Nurture Naturally, Why Organic Cotton? | April 5, 2018

We’ve got the secret to super soft organic cotton

Ever wonder how we get our garments snuggle-ready without chemical softeners? We’re going to let you in on our little secret – we comb and ring spin our cotton. This is one way we keep our cotton clean and pure to keep your little bees giggling.

You’re probably wondering what it all means…

Ring spinning is a unique spinning process we use to smooth and straighten each little fiber as it gets spun into yarn. It creates a stronger and softer yarn right from the get-go! But we don’t stop there. We comb our yarn for even softer cuddles.

Combing cotton is a mechanical process we use to soften and strengthen the cotton. Imagine a series of needles (like a comb) that run through the cotton to clean out impurities and short fibers. It leaves us with cozier and more durable cotton that we happily make into sweet baby clothes for the little bees in your life.

And the best part? Softer, stronger fabric without using chemical softeners. This allows us to give you the purest layer™ of cozy 100% organic cotton. You know what that means – less worrying, more snuggling.

2 thoughts on What is ring spun & combed cotton?

  • Love BurtBeesbaby for my grandchildren ! Would like to see baby gowns back in pink., blue, white.. so easy to change baby
    Would love to see your products in more stores.

    • Hi there! Thank you for getting in touch and for your kind words. That’s great to hear our gowns make changing a little easier! Bee on the lookout as we have some new colors and patterns for Fall and we’ll be restocking our bee essentials gowns again soon. We’re currently stocked in select Target stores, Buy Buy Baby, and at Whole Foods Market.

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