Bee Kind. Set Up a Meal Train

The Buzz | March 23, 2018

Life is about taking care of others. Simple acts, such as making meals for new moms, create a positive energy that is completely contagious. Not to mention it makes everyone involved feel good too. Here’s some food for thought. Literally. Next time a neighbor, friend or daycare acquaintance has a baby, ask your community and their friends if they’d be interested in setting up a meal train.

What’s a meal train?

Meal trains,, allow friends, family members and neighbors to sign-up on a virtual calendar to make meals for other families. The receiving family can coordinate with those involved, offering info about foods they like or dislike, as well as providing any information about food allergies etc. Best of all, once you set up the train, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get people to jump on for the ride.

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