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Hive Life, Nurture Naturally | July 8, 2018

Creating a Bath Time Routine

Creating routines for your baby is one of the ways you can keep your baby feeling happy. Studies show that consistency helps babies feel safe and content, which means less acting out and less overall grumpiness. A great routine to add into your daily mix is a bath time routine. Not only is it essential, especially during summer months when babies are caked up in suntan lotion, it also creates essential bonding moments between parents and babies. We like to dim the lights in the bathroom and surrounding bedroom areas before getting started to signal to baby that the bedtime routine has begun. Below are three additional ways to make your bath time with your baby more than just a cleaning chore.


  1. Sing Songs & Help Develop Language
    Babies love to hear their parents voices, and they especially love being sung to. Couple this with splashing in the tub and a smiling baby is almost always guaranteed. Take it one step further by singing songs such as “this is the way we clean.” Each time you call out a body part, emphasize the moment by tickling that body part of your baby. Not only are you bonding and making your baby laugh, you are teaching your baby the different parts of their body. As you progress and the baby gets a little older, you can ask your baby “what should we clean next?” They in return can call our their body parts and practice all the new words they have learned.
  2. Include Essential Oils
    To help with nightly relaxation; try including an essential oil* such as lavender to create a fragrance that will set the mood for bedtime. Essential oils can either be added directly to bath water or diffused through a diffuser while you are bathing your baby. Studies show that lavender can induce sleep and also aid in sleep regularity. It can also provide stress and anxiety relief, which is wonderful for babies struggling to settle down due to being overtired.
    *If you are adding oils to the bath, make sure to check with your doctor first and try a test run by adding some oil to a water and testing it on your baby’s feet or another less sensitive skin area.
  3. End with A Post Bath Massage
    Finish your bath time routine with a relaxing application of Burt’s Bees Nourishing Lotion in the Calming scent. As mentioned above, the relaxing scent of lavender helps induce sleep for your baby while your affectionate touch helps your baby to relax and make them feel more connected to you. And that will strengthen the beautiful bond you’re creating every minute of the day with your sweet little one. May we recommend a great step-by-step massage by Kim West, a very well attributed sleep-expert.

Consistency is essential, so whether you decide to use all three ideas in your routine, or take one and build it into your own, stick with it. By keeping things consistent at night your baby will fall asleep faster, feel happier and hopefully sleep a little longer too!

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