Oh Boy! Baby Shower

Hive Life, Mama to Bee | June 4, 2018

Sprinkling baby McCoy with Burt’s Bees Baby

About a month before he made his grand appearance, we were so sweetly given a baby sprinkle for little McCoy. We had family and friends come in from hours away to show him some love and it couldn’t have made my heart swell a bit more. Seeing your people from near and far and from all different points of your life come together in one room to celebrate is one of the most amazing things to witness.



Every detail was thought through, down to the little bees placed in the flower arrangements. I loved seeing how it all came together! There were bee themed cookies, “beehive” donut stacks, a beehive cake, bee cake balls, honey favors, Burt’s Bees chapstick favors, you name it! It was just perfect, every detail.



To be honest, we only needed diapers, wipes, and a few clothes for him since he is the second baby. But, our people went above and beyond for him like he was the first. I can’t wait to show him these photos to remind him of how loved he is someday! Until then, I’ve got a cute print of the guest list to frame in his room! 😉 There were Guest Mad Libs and even a DIY onesie station for the guests, which have both been fun to go back and look at. The little guy has lots of abstract art onesies to wear!



My husband, Chance, and daughter, Rowen, came by about halfway through, and I had a good little helper to open gifts. The girl was opening gifts with one hand and chowing down on a cookie with the other!

She loved digging through the Baby Bee Box with me, as it was full of goodies that she probably thought were for her. Everything we could possibly think of for the first three months of life packed into one box, complete with a book and lovie! All of the clothes and accessories easily coordinate together, and you can mix and match the outfits. I love that it takes the guesswork out of picking out clothes. The best thing about getting the box is knowing that one will be donated to a U.S. family in need through the Burt’s Bees Baby partner, Save the Children. Seriously, THE perfect shower gift. If you would like, you can read more about it here.



Special thank you to the team at Burts Bees Baby who sponsored and came to be part of the day, you guys are the sweetest. Another special thank you to my oldest friend, Jennifer, for all the help coordinating the shower along with Mrs. Pam and my Mom.


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Chelsea is a twenty-something mom of two, living in sweet home Alabama with her husband, Chance, and two doodle pups. She stays home raising her babies right now and spends more time reheating her coffee than actually drinking it. She’s a sucker for a good Mexican restaurant, a wanna-be photographer, a former full-time graphic designer, HGTV lover, and a memory maker for her children.

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  • What a beautiful sprinkle! I agree, there’s nothing sweeter than seeing friends and family from all parts of life come together in one room for a celebration. Congratulations!

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