My favorite Father’s Day to celebrate you

The Buzz, Warm Fuzzies | June 17, 2018

Letter to my husband on Father's Day...

Dear Shane,

This might be my favorite Father’s day to celebrate you yet. Every year keeps getting better. Every year I fall more in love with you as I watch you father our children. You are their hero. You are my hero. You are the safest place for us. You bring joy and laughter and play into our daily routine that would only be mundane without you around.

Our girls are more confident in who they are because of your love for them. They know their worth and their beauty already because you pay attention to them in these simple, yet profound ways. They are growing up knowing the deep, gentle, endearing love of a man who is already setting the bar high for the one they will someday marry.

Our son already has the best life because you are his dad. I still can’t believe we get to parent a son! Gratefulness exudes from my heart daily knowing I get to watch you father our boy. Our kids get a front row seat watching and learning from your integrity, grace, and contagious humility. I am a better mother because I see the ways you love our kids. You guide them to be their best selves. You teach them to put kindness and the importance of loving others first in everything. I learn from you and want to be like you more and more in every area that I fall short in. You give me a voice in our parenting, which allows me to grow and become the best mother I can be.
I couldn’t do this parenting gig without you. I wouldn’t be as gentle or intentional with our kids if it wasn’t for the way you love me and protect me and help me along this journey. You give me perspective and wisdom in areas that I would be so blind to without you by my side. Marrying you was and will always be the best decision I’ve ever made and parenting with you has been my favorite part of it all. You are the reason I want to keep having more kids. You make me more confident in bringing more into this world because I know that with you next to me it will only keep getting better.  Happy Father’s day to the best dad, the best friend, the best partner around. I love you deeply.

About the Mama Bee

Coley is a 31-year-old mom and artist. She and her husband, Shane, live in Arizona raising their 5 littles under the age of 5! They just welcomed their FIRST boy in February and everyone in the family is obsessed with him. While raising her children she runs a small business through on the side creating meaningful art through watercolor paintings and hand lettering. Her biggest desire in raising her kids is to grow them up to live a creative, meaningful, life that makes others feel fully loved and always welcomed. Traveling, discovering new music, and drinking good coffee are some of her favorite things to do, but being surrounded by the people she loves most is where she’s happiest. You can find more of her work through here and follow along her journey on Instagram

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