My dear husband, you set my heart at ease.

The Buzz, Warm Fuzzies | June 14, 2018

Happy Father's Day, my darling Aaron.

Dear Aaron,

I watched your eyes twinkling with happiness as Elouise’s soft blonde hair danced upon her shoulders as she ran through the grass chasing after her sister. I watched as your eyes exploded with tears as you had to write birthday and anniversary cards you won’t be here for. I watched as you soaked up every moment with your girls. Deep kisses. Big bear hugs. Tickles.



I’ve watched our hearts become so tender, so present, and filled with deep love and affection for this family of ours. together we will feel the very ground beneath our feet, even on opposite sides of the world. Together we will not look for greener grass for an easy way out. Together we will hang on to every word we’ve vowed. Together we will grow right where we are planted.

My dear husband you set my heart at ease. You remind me of who I am. Therefore when you need me I will be there. I will be there to gently remind you of who you are. To remind you of the incredible father you are. The incredible musician you are. The incredible heart you carry, and your devotion to your family. Happy fathers day. Together we have been given a really beautiful and precious life. May we never forget to stand tall, feet planted soft Into the ground through this whole deployment.

Happy fathers day, my darling Aaron.

About the Mama Bee

Sophia EL’Rae Johnson is a devoted wife to her army husband Aaron. Together they have two girls, Beatrice and Elouise! Sophia is passionate about empowering mothers and women to cultivate and chase after their self-worth! Encouraging women to connect, dig deep, and discover the art of vulnerability. She spends her days writing, blogging, photographing, baking, and cleaning up sticky messes her two-year-old trails behind her 😉 You can find her Instagram feed here.


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