Massaging with a Mother’s Touch

Mama to Bee, Nurture Naturally | July 23, 2018

Massage Therapy for Baby

How massage therapy can help baby’s relaxation

As mothers, we’ve all experienced moments when we’re unsure why our babies are crying or fussy. Sometimes for them to relax, all it takes is the magic of a mother’s touch or being held in our arms. Imagine how we could amplify this response through a full body massage.

Massaging baby provides special bonding time with our little ones while reducing fussiness and crying, alleviating constipation, colic, and teething pains. It helps with deeper and more restful sleep, improves immune system function and respiration, and increases oxygen and nutrient flow to cells.

Massage stimulates the central nervous system, which helps the brain produce more serotonin (a feel-good chemical) and less cortisol (a stress-related Hormone). As a result, baby’s heart rate slows down, and serenity ensues.


Here are a few tips for massaging baby, so it’s simple and enjoyable:
  • The best time to give the baby a message is when you’re relaxed and baby is calm but awake. Trying to massage a fussy baby will result in overstimulation and create an even fussier little bee.
  • Take 10-15 minutes to bond with baby during diaper changes, tummy time, or after a bath. Help baby tune in with you by asking permission first, as silly as that may sound. When we ask for permission, we communicate respect for the baby’s body.
  • Using Burt’s Bees Baby Calming Nourishing Lotion, start by rubbing baby’s feet, and legs then work your way up. The Calming Nourishing Lotion works perfectly because it’s made with lavender, an essential oil that calms the body.
  • If you’re rubbing baby’s tummy due to colic pain, massage in a clockwise motion so as not to interrupt the digestive process.

Burt's Bees Baby Nourishing Lotion - Calming


About the Author:

Noemi is a 22-year-old first-time mom to a 10-month-old baby girl. She is currently finishing her Massage Therapy internship in the sunny state of California. She is a devoted single mother, a sucker for naps and anything dark chocolate, and can be found at the beach or spending quality time with her family.

One thought on Massaging with a Mother’s Touch

  • I have a 6 month old. She’s a very restless sleeper and generally a fussy baby. I hope this works lol something new to try 😊

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