Let’s Jump and Romp for Joy!

Hive Life | August 19, 2018

The easiest, cutest, and snappiest way to get dressed

When it comes to the morning craze, getting out the door with a little one can be quite the feat. Not to mention if you’re trying to pull off a casually stylish look. Fear not, we have the easiest solution for styling your tot without the tears. Enter the jumpsuits and rompers. With just one slip over the head, your little one will be dressed quickly, comfortably and without a fight.  The absence of pesky elastic waistbands makes jumpsuits and rompers an unBEElieveable joy.



And don’t forget to pack an extra jumpsuit or romper in your diaper bag for any accidents or blowouts without the worry of coordinating separates. Jumpsuits and rompers not only make getting dressed faster, they make being stylish simpler while creating less laundry! Here at Burt’s Bees Baby, we like to simplify life without compromising style. Time to jump and romp for joy mamas! So snap to it and check out our top finds for fall.


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