It’s Potty Time!

Hive Life | August 26, 2018

Potty Training 101

When thinking of potty training, who could forget the scene from Look Who’s Talking when after a successful potty training moment, the whole family falls into a Congo line singing and dancing “a pee -pee in the pot-tay! a pee -pee in the pot-tay!” Potty training is one of the most rewarding (and testing) experiences parents go through. Some parents have even said that training a child to go to the bathroom on a toilet is one of their greatest accomplishments in life.

Ok, that may be taking it a step too far!  Summertime is a great time to take on a potty training project. For one, if there’s an accident outside, it’s a quick job for the garden hose and you’re on your way! Below are some of our expert tried and true techniques for getting your little one diaper free and you happy-as-can-be in no time!


Try the 3-day Potty Training Method

The three-day potty training method has a big track record of success. To begin, look for signs that your little one is really ready. Are they interested in the potty? Do they go on the potty? Do they want to stop wearing diapers? If you’ve answered yes to any of these, it’s time to give it a go. Simply put your little one in underwear and throw out the diapers.




Over the next few days, there will be accidents and your little one will not like having them. Don’t tell your little one the accidents are okay to have. Instead use language such as, “oh no, we’ll have to try again,” or “accidents are yucky!” When your little one is successful, reward them with anything from treats, experiences, or stickers. To help you through, we’ve created this awesome potty chart for you to download to encourage your baby bee to stick with it!


Get a Porta Potty

Consider getting to go potty for your car trips. If you’re in the process of potty training, many times little ones haven’t yet learned how to hold their business until you can get to the nearest restroom. That means when they have to go, they have to go right now! To avoid accidents on the run, pick up a porta-potty and bring with you in your car. This way you will always have an option in case of any potty emergencies.


Regressions Happen

Don’t be surprised if, after a month or two of potty training success, your little one has accidents. Please know this does not mean you tried to early and absolutely under no circumstances should you ever put your freshly potty trained tot back into a diaper! Lots of things can contribute to regressions, a new baby in the family, a change in schedule, a new activity. Be patient and continue using supportive language, while also being deliberate to not tell your little one that it is okay.

Potty training is tough, but with consistency, we are certain your little bee will be on their way to a major undies-shopping spree.


2 thoughts on It's Potty Time!

  • Great post Lauren & you are writing from years of wisdom having potty trained 3 sweet kids. It takes immense patience & positive energy to achieve success. All the while making sure your kids feel good about themselves even when there’s failure. And of course there is immense & over exaggerated celebrations for hitting the target! Well done kiddies, moms & dads too👍

  • These are the methods I used over 45 years ago to train my son. Back then I only had cloth diapers and rubber pants, and my first step was taking away the rubber pants for 3 days. My son hated the soggy diaper so it helped him to accept the potty. I often let him sit on his little potty next to me when I went to the bathroom, even if he said he didn’t need to. This helped him see the results of clean underwear, but mostly we would “celebrate” my success as much as his success. I kept a few funny stampers and 2 colors of ink pads near the potty so he could get stamped in reward for a pee-pee or a poopie and they stayed on till bath time, I stamped myself too so he could cheer me on the way I cheered him after a success. We did it together! As a single parent of a boy these efforts worked for me. 3 days of intense training paid off – my best investment ever!

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