Halloween Magic in Halloween Pajamas!

DIY, Hive Life | October 4, 2018

DIY Costume & Layering Ideas

Halloween is an enchanting time for little bees. A whole day to play make believe, dress up in spooky outfits, and get free candy just by knocking on a neighbor’s door?! Sounds like magic to us! October has arrived and that means it’s time to start thinking about costumes. We have some ideas for you, Mummy!


Conjure our black and orange footed pajamas and two-piece PJs into DIY costumes – the spooktacular potential knows no bounds! With our Halloween jammies,  your little bee could be looking as cute as a pumpkin, as spooky as a black cat, as hungry as a hamburglar!  Or just carry ‘em around as your little ball and chain!



If you already have costumes in mind, Halloween jammies are the perfect layering piece underneath thin costume fabrics. Trick or treating nights can often be chilly so there’s no better way to keep little bees cozy and warm while still flashing some of that black and orange Halloween pride!



Share this Halloween rhyme with your little bees on All Hallow’s Eve as they drift off to sleep in their Halloween jammies!

Halloween is almost here,
The moon is on the rise.
Hurry, bees, go to sleep,
Close your little eyes

Dream big dreams
Of what you could bee
Of tricks and treats
Of goodies and glee

As you dream and wish
Magic swirls the air
It glitters and sparkles until…
Boo! Jammies with flair!

With the whirl of a wand
Everything switches
And Mama’s little bees
Turn into fairies and witches!

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