“For All the Moms Out There, I was Playing For You.”

Mama to Bee, The Buzz | July 18, 2018

Serena Williams and Her Match with Motherhood

For Serena Williams, winning has always been something that has defined her. And with 23 Grand Slam tennis championship titles, it’s no wonder that she has made a name for herself. Just last September, she added a new title to the many she currently holds. Mom. To her daughter Alexis Olympia, we are sure Mom Serena is always a champion. Even if Serena doesn’t feel that way after this week’s defeat at Wimbledon. Serena’s heartfelt speech following the match resonated with many working moms navigating similar challenges.


Serena Williams at Wimbledon


Serena said she was disappointed and that she tried. Earlier this month, Serena tweeted about missing her daughter’s first steps. “I was in training and I missed it. I cried,” she shared with the world. She also shared recently in a HBO documentary, Being Serena, that she had to stop breastfeeding after 6 months because it was affecting her performance. Being a parent is not easy.

After praising her component, Angelique Kerber, for a match well played this week, Serena said: “For all the moms out there, I was playing for you.” Moms everywhere, both working and home, could relate and appreciated her honesty. With motherhood, there is a delicate life balance when it comes to living a life of your own and raising a child. All any parent can do is their best. There will be moments missed, and moments made. And whether you miss them or make them, know that every one of those moments helps you become a better parent. To Serena Williams – While moments like these may break your heart, know that to your little one, there is much more than winning that defines you.

One thought on “For All the Moms Out There, I was Playing For You.”

  • What a Wonderful Woman!!! I like Serena Williams, because she inspires Mothers everywhere to do their best at raising their Kids.

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