Father’s Day Honey Feels

Hive Life | June 13, 2018

How to Make Papa Bee Feel Appreciated on Father’s Day

Dads, or Papa Bees as we like to call them, are the best. Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the sweetness they bring to our family’s lives, especially our little ones. No matter what’s going on in our busy lives, our papa bees have a way of putting a honey colored filter on everything they touch. So what are some great ways to make the man of the house feel like THE MAN? Check out our papa bee profiles below and decide which Dad sounds most like yours. Then try out our ideas on how to make his day one that he will never forget.


  • For the Sleep Deprived Papa Bee: Create a LumberBee Breakfastin’ Bed

Mama bees and Papa Bees would both agree that one of the best gifts you can give is the gift of sleep! On Father’s Day, start the day by giving dad some of those much-needed extra Zzz’s. While he is fast asleep, let the kids get buzzin’ in the kitchen by helping you create a super manly but healthy breakfast with this fresh and nutritious take on hash browns. Just pair with papa bees favorite eggs, pancakes, and waffles for pure Father’s Day bliss!

  • For the Well-Read Papa Bee: Customize a “Dad Can Do Anything” book

While photo books are always a hit, it puts a lot of the work on Mama bees! Pick up a Dad Can Do Anything book from Amazon and get it in 48 hours with prime. This book is awesome because it has a story with blank pages for your baby bees to fill in with illustrations of their own. As you get ready for Father’s Day, you and the kids can spend some quiet time talking about their daddy bee and brainstorming ideas on what kind of pictures to draw to bring their story to life. We’re certain any papa bee is sure to cherish this very sweet and thoughtful gift forever.


  • For the Weekend Warrior Papa Bee: Find a father’s day 5K or family fun run

For Dad’s who love to get their sweat on during the weekend, how about signing up your whole family for a 5K? 5K’s have gotten increasingly more popular today and many of them include a 1K kid’s run too. Refreshments and games tend to follow so by the time you get to 12:00 noon, your daddy bee is sure to feel like he got his heart rate buzzing in a way that includes all the people who matter to him most.


  • For the Snuggly Papa Bee: Family Movie/ Afternoon Camp-In

Weekends are a time when a lot of family’s catch up on life. To help Dad do this while still making him feel special, try setting up a Family snuggle session and movie viewing. Make it different by either creating a fort, or by bringing down everyone’s favorite pillows and blankets. Then everyone gather around Dad to surround him with hugs, snuggles and endless amounts of love.

  • For the Green Thumb Papa Bee: Plant a Vegetable Garden

For Father’s that like to cut the grass and be outdoors, creating a family vegetable garden is a way to blend the passion of being immersed in nature with spending time with your little ones. And it’s a perfect opportunity to chat with kids about where their food comes from while enjoying all the great outdoors has to offer. You can either order a raised garden like this one, or you can visit home depot and talk to a sales associate about how you can make one from scratch. Once you get it set up, either with or without dad, you can spend Father’s Day planting. The best part about this gift is that kids and Dad’s can take care of the garden together and use it to spend more time together. By this time next year you could even start your own CSA!

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