Dear husband…today is all about you.

The Buzz, Warm Fuzzies | June 15, 2018

I hope you never forget how needed and loved you are.

Dear Husband and Baby Daddy,

Today is all about you. A day to celebrate who you are and what you mean to this family. Our kids might not know just yet, how much you sacrifice for them. But they will. They will grow up seeing how fiercely you love them and me. They will know their dad works around the clock to give them the best life they can have. How lucky are us girls to have such a strong, selfless, caring and loving man in our lives.

You are a husband who doesn’t walk away from a fight, and a daddy who steps up to fight alongside their battles. The one who makes them laugh till they cry, who teaches them to get back up when the world knocks them down. In their eyes you are their ergo wearing, two-stepping, break dancing, Whalen Jennings singing first love.

When Adaline sees her name that’s permanently written on your chest, she will know how much you longed to be there when she was born, but couldn’t be. She will grow up knowing her daddy is her protector and hero. When Claramae is older and sees the way you gush over her beauty, she will know how cherished she is.

I know you fear that they will forget about you when you’re gone so much, but I see their faces when they see a picture of you, and the way they react when you walk through the door. Whether it be in your dirty work clothes, or army greens they light up when their eyes meet yours. Thank you for all that you do, and all that you miss out on so that I can stay home and not miss a moment. And thanks for passing on that adorable butt chin of yours to our girls.

I hope you never forget how needed and loved you are. How important your role is in our girls’ lives. Without you, they would not be so dang adorable either. Adaline’s butt chin, and Claramae’s widow’s peak. Need I say more?

We love you, soldier.

Your Baby Mama

About the Mama Bee

Hannah is a 26-year-old mom of two. Her oldest Adaline Grace is genetically enhanced with an extra chromosome making her full of life and extra spunk. She is pure joy. She loves her new baby sister Claramae Rose. They currently reside in SoCal but hope to move east and live a more simple lifestyle while her husband serves part-time in the army. Hannah loves all things Joanna Gaines and would rather spend her free time walking around a quaint little town on a crisp fall morning with a hot latte in her hand. 

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